Retirement Income Survival Kit

Managing Wealth During Retirement

Reaching the Summit And Returning Safely With The Risk Process™

While climbing to the top of a mountain is considered to be a major achievement, the real goal of climbing is not simply to reach the top, but to reach the top and return safely. The same can be said for retirement income planning. For years, people have focused on accumulating enough assets. However, the biggest risks facing retirees occur during the income distribution phase when we retire and begin to live on our retirement savings.

As we begin this second half of our journey, we are faced with unique and potentially devastating risks such as a volatile market, inflation, liquidity, longevity, health and survivor risks. Just like climbing a mountain, those who address these risks will be more likely to safely and successfully complete the journey.

We created the Retirement Income Survival Kit or R.I.S.K. Process™ to help clients plan their income in retirement while simultaneously addressing the key risks associated with income distribution. We base this process on three fundamentals:

Watch our RISK video to learn how to successfully navigate the income risks and opportunities in retirement.

1. Transition From Asset Allocation To Income Allocation:

Traditional investment management focuses on asset allocation. However, once we retire and begin withdrawing money, the focus shifts to turning these assets into life-long income streams to provide for our needs throughout retirement. The RISK Process™ helps you assess your available assets and redeploy them efficiently into income solutions based on your needs.

2. Determine Your Withdrawal Percentage:

The RISK Process™ helps you determine the percentage of savings you can withdraw as income each year so it is sustainable throughout retirement.

3. Risk Management:

The RISK Process™ helps insulate your income against key retirement risks by constructing a portfolio comprised of various income solutions. The income solutions are uniquely designed to provide specialized benefits such as asset accumulation, lifetime income, inflation protection, tax efficiency, long term care coverage and survivor benefits.

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