Our 10 Core Beliefs

At The Matrix Financial Group, the 10 core beliefs that guide us in all our daily business dealings and interactions with our clients are:

1 – The creation and implementation of a tailored, comprehensive financial plan is the basis of our relationship.

2 – A portfolio is never an end itself, but rather a means to an end. In a similar sense, success is not measured by annual performance of your portfolio, but by your ability to meet your goals.

3 – The proper way to measure “wealth” is by measuring “purchasing power,” not money. Historically, we believe equities have been far more effective than bonds and other fixed income investments at preserving purchasing power.

4 – Inflation risk and longevity risk are real risks that must be addressed in any effective retirement strategy.

5 – Volatility is not the same as “risk” over the long-term. Check out our Wealth Solutions video here to learn more about our long-term investment philosophy.

6 – The dominant factor in long-term outcomes is not “investment performance” but rather “investor behavior.” One of the primary benefits we provide to clients is acting as your “Behavioral Coach.”

7 – The economy, the markets and future, relative portfolio performance CANNOT be consistently predicted or “timed.” In addition, we cannot gain an advantage over the market by going in and out of stocks based on current events or perceived threats. As such, we do NOT attempt to analyze or predict current events or their impact on your portfolio.

8 – Uncertainty is the only certainty. We do not move from periods of uncertainty to certainty, but rather from one uncertainty to the next.

9 – History, while not a guarantee of future results, is our best guide. As Sir John Templeton said, “The four most dangerous words in investing are ‘It’s Different This Time.’”

10 – The only basis for a successful relationship is mutual trust. We will always work to earn your trust by telling you the truth as we see it.

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